In today’s volatile society, the safety and well being of our loved ones and our business is a genuine concern. Trackzone Sysyems ltd operates a proprietary communication infrastructure that leverages satellite & cellular network with highly effective yet low cost deterrents and asset monitoring products. These solutions can protect your family, your valuables and your business from becoming part of the statistics.

We offer fleet management solutions for motor vehicle, motorcycles and other movable assets worldwide using a combination of advanced technologies in global positioning system (GPS), general packet radio service (GPRS), Global system for mobiles (GSM) and Satellite via web based interfaces; Trackzone Systems Limited has over the years built an enviable track record for Vehicle recovery and fleet management

Trackzone Systems Limited is a Limited company incorporated in the republic of Kenya to provide:

  • Vehicle Tracking and Recovery
  • Fleet Management
  • Asset Tracking
  • Personal Locators
  • Speed limiter/Governors
  • Tachometers
  • Car alarms and Bluetooth car kits

Why Trackzone Systems Limited.

To enable much of the change being introduced, the Company has invested heavily in Research and developing modern Technologies to ensure it remains a pillar in security provision. It continues to develop and grow to meet the ever changing demands of clients.

At Trackzone Systems Limited we have a solution to suite every individual or corporate need through our vehicle tracking solutions at a pocket friendly price.


  • Immediately locate and dispatch vehicles.
  • Improve route efficiency- tracking drivers where they are heading to.
  • Cut down on over time.
  • We have a dedicated team of experts through our dynamic company structure. we ensure that our customer in our number one priority and we provide the best solutions in car tracking.

    Since inception the company enjoys an independent, dynamic, result oriented culture, flexible and innovative approach. We understand the markets in which our clients operate and offer a service built on personalized and specialized fleet management solutions from a basic fleet management a pocket friendly service for individuals, car rental and taxis to Classic fleet management for corporates who require greater control to their assets. Trackzone Systems Limited covers 6 of its east African markets (Kenya, Uganda, Tanzania, Rwanda, Burundi and Sudan) from one of its own office located in Mombasa, covering all key functions including operations, consulting, and implementation and account management.
    Trackzone Systems Limited strategy is to become the preferred integrated movable asset security and fleet management solutions operator of choice in Kenya by transforming the company into a fast moving, service oriented organization, with an aim to continuously provide the highest quality of differentiated services to meet all the needs of its customers within acceptable terms of service and cost by partnering with relevant industry players.
  • To professionally provide efficient cost effective fleet management and vehicle tracking services that satisfies our client needs

  • Mission Statement
  • To provide high quality internal and external services
  • To know our customers’ needs and requirements and respond effectively
  • To reinvent and reinvest in vehicle tracking and fleet management
  • TRACKZONE System Features

    Asset Monitoring Services (GSM/GPRS/GSM Tracking)

    Track your car using latest satelite technlogies to have precise pinpoint location of your vehicle..

    No-go areas (Geo-Fencing)

    This feature enables the user to create a Geo-Fence which is a perimeter whith which the car is allowed to travel.

    Provides accurate, updated information about past, current and future asset locations

    The system will have logs which will record all records and data stored in redundant form in our servers.

    On/Off/panic push button

    Systematic panic button that sends a distress signal where we can be able to know your exact location and carry out emergency services..

    Tamper Switch with two monitoring LED s

    This is to ensure safety of the devices from unauthorized access

    Online event reporting

    get online updates of events on your computer or mobile phone that is connected to the internet

    Long Life lithium polymer battery

    Durable and reliable battery with long life to ensure your location is always available.

    A 3D accelerometer

    Used to detect and monitor vibration in rotating machinery, gets your speed and velocity recorded.

    Let Us Work Together!


    By the help of the modern technology, Global Positioning System (GPS), General Packet Radio Service (GPRS), Satellite and Global System Mobile Service (GSM) via internet, our system will allow you to track and monitor your fleet efficiently and effectively, in the cases of vehicle loss, there can never be a total loss. This is because our service is real time and will always show the place or direction in which the motor is worldwide, With our gadget installed, the speed of the vehicle, maximum acceleration and deceleration, distance covered, direction of travel can be established. With these, your company will know where the client is when required to do so.


    The following organisations are in partnership with Trackzone Systems Limited:

    • Teltonika Ltd
    • Astra Telematics
    • Apex Zone Technology Ltd
    • Meitrack Electronics ltd
    • Airtel Kenya
    • Safaricom
    • Access Kenya Group
    • Jamii telkom ltd 
    • Diamond trust Bank


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